GYRECAT® products and solutions are based on photocatalysis, a new breed of hybrid AOP (advanced oxidation process) for water and wastewater treatment.

The GYRECAT® technology is a highly effective and energy efficient process for the destruction of water-borne organic contaminants and sustainable water management. The photocatalytic technology can be used as a single action product for water polishing or as part of a more complex process train or as ‘packaged plant’ to create new advanced treatment within the water and waste water sector to deal with contaminants of emerging concern.

GYRECAT® systems meet the expanding global need for:

Cost effective water decontamination
The recovery and re-use of water
Sustainably managing water at its point of use.


Come and meet us on the British Water stand at IWS, Abu Dhabi on 18th-21st January 2016.

Meet up with our CEO and Technical Director at the WWIS 2016 event in London, 22-24th February 2016.

Water use has been growing at more than twice the rate of the population increase during the last century


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